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Intelligence Support Group, Inc. (ISG) was founded in 1982 to provide electronic security and surveillance equipment, along with operational training courses and technical field support. These services are primarily provided to government, military and law enforcement agencies within the United States and approved foreign countries.

Intelligence Support Group, Inc., has assembled a staff that has served with major government, military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world. Our federal experience is coupled with the support of our extensive engineering backgrounds. This affords our staff the unique capability to address the field technician's requirements in our products and services.

The main ISG facility occupies a 15,000+ square foot building on an 11 acre site, adjacent to the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, California. The facilities include:
  • In-house capabilities for the research, development, and manufacturing of both standard and customized electronic surveillance and security equipment.
  • Large indoor classrooms with complete audio-visual capabiilities,as well as all standard training aids.
  • 20 acre tactical driving and firearm range is located within minutes of the main facility.
  • The primary facility meets, or exceeds, all current Department of Defense security standards.
  • Transportation is provided by scheduled commercial airline services.
  • Private aircraft may land and then taxi directly to the ISG facility.
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The China Lake area, labeled "The Secret City" for its extensive "black project" works, was selected specifically by ISG. Present within this community is a superior technological work force supported by a tremendous infastructure. These advantages, coupled with the ISG staff and facility, and 350+ flying days per year, allow for an excellent training environment.

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